Russia suspended from UN Human Rights Council, Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela object

From our Bureau of Totally Lame and Gravely Insulting Gestures

Russia should NOT have been on the UN Human Rights Council. China and Cuba are still part of it. How shameful is this?

Suspending Russia from this meaningless farce of a council won’t change Czar Vlad’s behavior.

The whole institution and many of its members are incorrigible. The suspension barely passed when voted upon. Look at the vote count: 24 countries voted no and 58 countries abstained.

Naturally, Cuba, Venezuela,and Nicaragua complained that merely calling for a vote on this issue was improper, and voted “No”. Venezuela would have joined them, but it has temporarily lost its voting privileges due to its inability to pay its dues to the UN. How Latrine is that for you, Mildred?

Ukrainian workers examine the documentation of civilians massacred by Russian troops prior to loading them onto a truck in the town of Bucha, on the outskirts of Kyiv

From CNS News

The U.N. General Assembly in a historic vote on Thursday voted 93 to 24 to suspend Russia from the Human Rights Council, in response to its invasion of Ukraine.

Countries voting “no” were Algeria, Belarus, Bolivia, Burundi, Central African Republic, China, Congo, Cuba, North Korea, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Gabon, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Mali, Nicaragua, Russia, Syria, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Venezuela, Vietnam, and Zimbabwe.

Under the resolution that created the Geneva-based HRC in 2006, a member “that commits gross and systematic violations of human rights,” can be suspended, in a vote by two-thirds of the “present and voting” members of the assembly. With 117 countries voting “yes” or “no” the required number to pass was 79 votes.

Abstentions did not count in the tally. Nonetheless, 54 countries chose not to support or oppose the measure. Abstainers included India, Indonesia, and Brazil, whose stances on Russia’s war in Ukraine have drawn close scrutiny.

Before the vote, Russia’s allies and partners lined up to slam the attempt to oust it from the HRC, accusing the West of violating principles of non-politicization, universality, and non-selectivity, and threatening the global human rights architecture.

They included China, Kazakhstan, Cuba, North Korea, Iran, Belarus, the Maduro regime in Venezuela, and the Assad regime in Syria.  Some of these countries have themselves been members of the HRC despite widely-criticized human rights records. China, Cuba, Venezuela and Kazakhstan are current members. (In the end, Venezuela did not cast a vote because its voting privileges have been temporarily revoked until it pays its UN dues.)