Podcast of the Day: Cuba’s imprisoned July 11 protesters

Our good friend Spun Counterguy talks with The Amparo Experience director Vicky Collado about Cuba’s July 11 prisoners.

On July 11th of last year protests broke out all over Cuba over several issues, ranging from lack of food and medical access to the general state of oppression. For a moment the world’s eyes were on the island and the prospect of a free Cuba seemed to be within grasp. But as humans tend to do, they quickly lose interest and turn their gazes to other matters and distractions. The Cuban dictatorship became more brazen in their oppression of the Cuban people, especially of those who embarrassed them on the world stage. To help us to put names and faces on just a few of those who as I write this are enduring prison, beatings and worse, is Vicky Collado. Vicky wears many hats but one of them she wears is while trying to get the true condition of Cubans out to the worlds ears.