‘Free the Children’: Rep. Maria Salazar joins campaign to free child political prisoners in Cuba

The world needs to know there are children being held as political prisoners in communist Cuba. And the world must demand these children — and all political prisoners in Cuba — be released immediately.

Via CubaNet (my translation):

U.S. Rep. Maria Elvira Salazar joins the ‘Free the Children’ campaign

Cuban American Rep. Maria Elvira Salazar has joined the international campaign to “Free the Children.” The campaign demands the release of Cuban minors who remain imprisoned in Cuba after the massive protests from July 11, 2021.

In a message shared on Tuesday, the congresswoman called the sentencing of protesters “atrocious acts” against those that “were only and exclusively calling for freedom in the streets of Havana.”

“What this regime is doing is despicable, it is sending a message: ‘be careful that you don’t do anything, that Cuba’s apparatus of oppression is still working,'” he said.

After referring to Cuban authorities as “thugs” and “despots,” she sent a message of support to the Cuban people: “From here we send a message to the people so they don’t feel they’re alone and they know we’re with them.”

“We know that they’re the ones who are risking everything, but we are supporting them. We hope to give them all the oxygen and send them strength and courage because what they’re doing is amazing, taking to the streets to demand a better future, to demand freedom,” added Maria Elvira Salazar.

The “Free the Children” campaign, initiated by the Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba, already has 8,892 signatures of support.

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