Starving Cubans angered by lavish meals served at dictatorship’s fake ‘San Remo’ festival

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Socialism in action! Equity and equality, socialist style. The oligarchs and the jerks who attend their festivals get to enjoy all sorts of great food and drink while 99 percent of the population has to live on meager rations that can only be obtained by standing in line for hours.

Never mind the fact that this “San Remo” festival is totally bogus (it has nothing to do with the Italian festival after which it is named). And never mind the fact that this is an occasion for Castro, Inc. to make money and pretend that it cares about art and culture. The artists who have chosen to take part in it and those privileged few Cubans who get to join them for lunch and dinner don’t care. Everyone at the banquets is enjoying the benefits of their privilege.

And never mind the fact that this privilege involves eating crappy-looking food that could only be considered “sumptuous” or luxurious in a hell-hole like Castrogonia.

Loosely translated from CiberCuba

Images of a sumptuous private dinner at the Hotel Nacional, after the closure this Sunday of the San Remo Music Awards Festival in Havana, have caused outrage on social networks.

“What you did not see in Sanremo (illegitimate): the banquet that the communist leadership gave at the National Hotel after the event,” reads the text that accompanies the images of gourmet food published on the reporter’s Facebook profile Yusnaby Perez.

In another post, posted on Eduardito Q-riquera’s Facebook profile, you can see long tables overflowing with top-quality meat and vegetable dishes, elaborate desserts; and chefs, with the Hotel Nacional logo on their uniforms, while they prepare the food or decorate the dishes.

The angry reactions of users to the luxury that contrasts with the food shortages that Cubans face on a day-to-day basis have not been long in coming.

“And we are starving because of those miserable people who have ruined my country, your country, that of all Cubans. Miserables”, commented the writer Rafael Vilches in the publication.

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