Actor Jackie Chan joins the useful idiots for Cuba club

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Yes, there’s no shortage of suckers falling for the wishful utopian allure of the “revolution” , but a you’d think a native of Hong Kong and a beneficiary of capitalism would know better. Disappointing.

Via OnCuba News:

Actor Jackie Chan to contribute with donation of one million masks for Cuban health system

Renowned actor Jackie Chan announced that his foundation will participate in the donation of one million masks for the Cuban health system, diplomatic sources in China confirmed to the island’s official media.

Carlos Miguel Pereira, Cuban ambassador to that Asian nation, said that the artist is also interested in strengthening cultural ties with Cuba, according to a  dispatch from the Prensa Latina (PL) news agency.

Chan made the statements at the Cuban embassy in China, (sic) which he visited together with the intellectual Han Fangming, president of the Charhar Institute, one of the most renowned Chinese think tanks, the media outlet specified.

Both expressed their affection and admiration for Cuba, its history and culture, while Chan presented a copy of his latest book and reported the donation of masks on behalf of the aforementioned Institute and his own foundation, the publication added. In turn, he recognized the work of the Cuban School of Wushu and its president and founder, Roberto Vargas Lee, said Ambassador Pereira, quoted by the source.

If you can stomach it, the “ambassador” is on Twitter with more.

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  1. “Renowned actor” is pushing it. Considerably. But yes, there are always useful idiots, and worse.

    And you gotta love the apparatchik with the gravid belly and the undersized guayabera. Sheesh.

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