13 Cuban migrants heading for U.S. in a truck detained by Mexican authorities; 130 detained in Texas

Cubans being detained in Mexico

From our Bureau of Weaponized Migrants From Socialist Utopias

This is just a drop in the ocean, so to speak. Cuban migrants are now outnumbering Central Americans at the Mexico/U.S. border. And 130 were detained in Texas yesterday.

And some of these Cubans have been bused to Washington D.C., along with Central and South Americans. Meanwhile Mexico is sending some of the Cubans it captures back to Cuba. Whether Castro, Inc. will take them in remains to be seen. Castrogonia is not accepting any Cubans sent back by the U.S.

Everyone knows this flood is bound to intensify. Lord have mercy.

130 weaponized Cuban migrants detained in Texas, April 16, 2022

Loosely translated from CubaNet:

The National Guard of Mexico, Division of Roads, arrested this Friday 13 undocumented Cubans who were traveling hidden in the bed of a truck, according to the local newspaper El Imparcial.

The events occurred at a security point located at kilometer five of the highway that connects Huajuapan, Oaxaca and the capital of said state.

According to the information, the 13 Cubans, who were traveling hidden in a red Chevrolet truck, were placed at the disposal of the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) for the corresponding investigations.

Likewise, along with the Cuban citizens, in a car that was traveling together, the Mexican authorities detained two men and a woman, “who allegedly transported the undocumented.”

Just two days ago, the official site Cubadebate reported that the Government of Mexico, in compliance with the migration agreements between the two countries, repatriated 37 Cuban migrants (24 men and 13 women) to the island, since they were irregularly in the Aztec nation. .

According to Cubadebate, the Cubans had left the island legally by third countries and were detained when they tried to cross the border into the United States.

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