The Christian Legacy of The Bay of Pigs Fighters

Wonderful post marking the Bay of Pigs Anniversary from Frances Martel writing in Breitbart;:

EXCLUSIVE – Christian Legacy of Bay of Pigs Fighters Lives on in Today’s Cuban Protesters

Easter Sunday will mark the 61st anniversary of the Cuban and American fighters of Brigade 2506 landing at Bay of Pigs, a fitting day for an organization that emphasizes its Christian core values and bears a cross on its logo.

Brigade 2506 is the formal name of the organization that stormed Bay of Pigs on April 17, 1961, and, largely due to leftist President John F. Kennedy lying to them about providing air support, failed in that mission, subjecting them to imprisonment and torture in Fidel Castro’s Cuba. It currently exists in America as the Bay of Pigs Veterans Association and operates a museum in Miami, Florida, that passes on the history of the movement to new generations of Cuban-Americans.

The brigade’s Christian roots – its slogan is “God, Fatherland, and Liberty” – and the active participation of members of the Catholic clergy in the attempt to liberate the island particularly resonate today as the enduring Castro regime attempts to subdue a powerful protest movement intricately tied to Church leaders.

On July 11, 2021, an estimated 187,000 Cubans – though many suggest the number was far higher – took the streets of nearly every municipality in the country to demand an end to communism. Among them were many Christians, including clergymen who suffered severe beatings at the hands of Communist Party state security forces – fueling what experts tell Breitbart News is an intensified crackdown on Christianity and other key Cuban faiths, notably the Yoruba Afro-Cuban religion, as an attempt to subdue political dissidence.

While the spotlight of American corporate media has moved on to Ukraine – a cause the Cuban exile community enthusiastically supports given Russian President Vladimir Putin’s bankrolling of the Castro regime – Cubans have not stopped protesting, often led by priests, nuns, and pastors.

Ricardo Sánchez was 19 when he served as a paratrooper in what he called in conversation with Breitbart News “our event.” He recalled Christian faith as pervasive among the members of the brigade, who relied on a team of priests for “spiritual support.”

“The slogan of the brigade is ‘God, Fatherland, and Liberty.’ That was very present. We had with us, who disembarked with us – in my case, that I was a paratrooper, who jumped with us – in Cuba several priests. One paratrooper and, if I’m remembering correctly, three or four disembarked in Girón,” he explained, referring to the beach on Bay of Pigs that hosted the invasion.

The one paratrooper has become a legendary hero of the Cuban exile community: Father Sergio Carrillo who, at 26, joined the 2506 Brigade’s paratroopers and spent two years imprisoned in Cuba for his participation. Carrillo would later recall extreme brutality on the part of his captors and especially cruel treatment to black prisoners like him.

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