Cuban dictatorship continues to intensify its attacks on independent journalists, communicators, and influencers

Some of the many Cubans being persecuted for telling the truth: Lázaro Yuri Valle Roca (top left) y Yoandi Montiel “El Gato de Cuba” (top right); Jorge Bello (bottom left) and Luz Escobar (bottom right)

From our Bureau of Socialist Tolerance and Social Justice with some assistance from our Enemies of the Ministry of Truth Bureau

Cuban dissidents have collected over one hundred documented cases of persecution on non-government-employed Cubans who transmit news in various ways.

This information will be presented to the Inter-American Press Association. Let’s see what happens as a result. Don’t hold your breath waiting for Castro, Inc. to change its behavior or for the rest of the world to give a hoot.

Loosely translated from Marti Noticias

A report on Cuba that will be presented this week at the mid-year meeting of the Inter-American Press Association (IAPA) includes the imprisonment of three communicators (two journalists and one influencer) and the house arrest of dozens of journalists, among multiple attacks on freedom of the press and expression on the island.

The IAPA conference, which began today and will run through Thursday, includes this detailed report on violations of press freedom in Cuba and the harassment of journalists, communicators, and influencers.

It highlights the cases of imprisoned journalists Lázaro Yuri Valle Roca, Jorge Bello Domínguez and the popular youtuber Yoandi Montiel, “El Gato de Cuba”.

It also documents the arrest of 39 communicators, house arrest for 31 journalists and the prohibition of leaving the country for 15. It also ensures that 16 journalists were victims of threats and psychological attacks during summonses or arbitrary detentions.

For the full text of this report, which includes the names of those being persecuted, continue reading HERE in Spanish

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  1. Yes, the “revolution” is losing its coolness, which it is unlikely to recover, so it’s falling back on hardcore repression. In part, it may be anticipating potential weakening once Castro II finally dies, which cannot be too far away, and it wants to get a jump on that ahead of time.

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