Photos of the day: Cuba for Cubans versus Cuba for tourists, second installment

From our Bureau of Praiseworthy and Virtuous Socialist Apartheid

As mentioned yesterday, two foreigners who recently read my Waiting for Snow in Havana and were inspired by it to visit Castrogonia have just sent me over a dozen stunning photographs of their recent trip to the only country on earth where apartheid is considered a virtue rather than a mortal sin.

So, for the second day in a row, Babalu is sharing their photos with the world. Many thanks to adventurous voyagers Torcuato Czerny Von Eselbein and Filomena Záchod y Barriganza for these stunning images. Challenge: Can you guess their nationality by their names?

Anyway, as Wayne and Garth would say: Check out the killer contrasts, dude! Schwing!

Cuban old men killing time outside a spiffy apartheid shop for foreigners, Le Palais Royal, interacting with a tourist
Old Russian tourist and his very young Cuban whore
Cubans enjoying kitchen chores and the tropical breezes on their crumbling art nouveau porch
Cuban beach musicians receiving a very warm welcome from delighted Russian tourists

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  1. As we all know, there is nothing in these photos that is at all problematic for the vast majority of tourists, let alone the more, uh, engaged usual suspects. Third-world savages are supposed to live crappy and deprived lives. Foreign tourists are supposed to be catered to, entertained and gratified. Ergo, it’s all just fine.

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