Love affair between Cuba and Iran intensifies; plan announced for direct flights between the two tyrannies

Cuban ambassador Alberto González Casals surrounded by somber and stupefied Iranian officials

From our Bureau of Love Affairs Between Tyrannies That Hanker for Nuclear Weapons

Yes, love is blooming! Cuba and Iran are trying to find ways to get closer to each other. And what better way to do this than to establish direct nonstop flights between Havana and Teheran?

Direct flights are only one component of a larger deal in which Castro, Inc. will trade pharmaceuticals for Iranian oil. God only knows what else these two lovebirds are cooking up. Nothing bonds two dictatorships more tightly and surely than their hatred for the United States and Israel and their common desire to acquire nuclear weapons.

One can only hope that Jar-Jar Biden and his brain trust are keeping an eye on this love fest.

Of course, there is a potential silver lining in this dark cloud. This affair is already headed for at least one certain disaster: Imagine having to depend on Cuban pharmaceuticals! This part of the deal might harm Iran more than any of the existing sanctions against it ever have.

Loosely translated from Periodico Cubano

The Cuban government is negotiating with its counterpart in Iran the possibility of opening a direct air route between the capitals of both countries as a way to expand bilateral relations, according to what emerged in the meeting held between the Cuban ambassador to Iran, Alberto González Casals, with the Governor of East Azerbaijan, one of the 31 provinces of the Persian nation.

According to the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA), government representatives did not give details on which airline could handle the direct flight that would link the two countries, located almost 12,000 kilometers apart.

In addition to the air route, the governor and the ambassador insisted on the need to strengthen trade relations within the framework of the economic and financial sanctions that both countries face. In the case of Cuba, González Casals pointed to the US “blockade” as the main drag on the national economy; while Iran faces international sanctions over its nuclear program.

In this sense, Cuba seeks a supply of raw materials, especially energy, from the Persian nation and in exchange offers pharmaceutical cooperation. Regarding this last sector, the recent collaboration for the manufacture of the Sovereign vaccine, created to achieve immunity against COVID-19, stands out.

“Cuban pharmaceutical companies are seeking to expand cooperation with Iranian pharmaceutical companies, especially in East Azerbaijan,” the Cuban diplomat said during a visit to the “Martyr Qazi” pharmaceutical company.

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