Young Cuban protester sentenced to 7 years in prison for “offending the president” goes on hunger strike

Yunior Sebey Mena

From our Bureau of Hypersensitive Socialist Utopias

No one knows for sure how many imprisoned July 11 protesters are on hunger strikes, but the numbers keep climbing. Since information on such displays of defiance are only reported piecemeal, usually by the hunger strikers’ families, there is no easy way to keep track of who has started or ended a hunger strike.

Anyway, here’s a new one. Stunned by the sentence imposed on him, Yunior Sebey Mena has become the latest Cuban political prisoner to submit himself to this perilous form of protest. Perhaps it was the charge levelled against him of “offending the president” that has pushed him over the edge. Seven years in prison for doing something that comes so naturally. Imagine that.

Welcome to the wonderful world of socialist hypersensitivity. Deep down, nothing offends socialists more than an accurate assessment of their worthiness.

Loosely translated from Marti Noticias

Political prisoner Yunior Sebey Mena, a protester on July 11 in Santa Clara, declared a hunger strike when he received his final sentence of seven years in prison on Tuesday.

“He is devastated. We knew that he was not going to go out on the street, simply, but we did not expect that they would not reduce his sentence from the prosecutor’s request. I suppose that State Security will call us soon so that we can convince him not to resist, ”said his sister, Yaimary Sebey Mena.

Sebey Mena was convicted of the alleged crimes of contempt, public disorder and instigation to commit a crime, as were 15 other protesters at the anti-government demonstrations last summer in Villa Clara, who were sentenced to between 3 and 7 years in prison.

“The family is not satisfied because they accuse him of something that he did not do. He came out to express what he felt, the truth of what is happening in the country, what is clearly seen, the work that Cubans go through. There were thousands of people, as all the witnesses from the MININT (Ministry of the Interior) said, shouting and then they accused him of public disorder and contempt for offending the president, as they say.”

“In the trial there is no witness that he has done anything serious. No test. There are no videos with which they can prove his argument. My brother is only 29 years old, he never had problems with the law, he was a self-employed worker. And there he is, for just going out on the street to ask for the freedom of his country, to express what he felt, they sentence him to 7 years, ”the young woman lamented.