Surprise! At migration crisis meeting, Cuba blames U.S. for creating the crisis, demands full open door policy from U.S.

Negotiators Carlos Fernandez de Cossio and Emily Mendrala

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What a surprise, indeed! And what a splendid meeting! Wow, Castro, Inc. has blown off the lid on this well-kept secret. Did you know that the U.S. has intentionally urged all Cubans to leave the island and then closed its doors to all of them?

This is so shocking. What a schizoid policy! It’s brilliantly evil. As always, Castro, Inc. has done the world a great favor by revealing the full story behind the tens of thousands of Cubans who are finding their way to the U.S. only to be herded into camps.

No wonder Castro, Inc. is not accepting any deported Cubans. This U.S. plot to undermine the Revolution is an absolute horror. Castrogonia is such a meek, benevolent, tolerant utopian paradise. And, as usual, all of its problems –yes, ALL of them — can be blamed directly on the U.S.

Wiley American negotiator Emily Mendrala and feisty Castrogonian negotiator Carlos Fernandez de Cossio certainly have a lot to discuss. One can only hope that Jar-Jar Biden has authorized Ms. Mendrala to grant Castrogonia a million visas per year, plus forty trillion dollars in reparations.

From Granma Euro-Lite (Reuters)

U.S. and Cuban officials met in Washington for talks about migration on Thursday as the United States seeks to quell rising numbers of people attempting to cross its southern border, including increasing numbers of Cubans.

State Department spokesperson Ned Price said the talks, the highest-level formal contact with Havana since President Joe Biden took office last year, were “squarely focused on migration.”

“We’ve seen a significant increase in irregular migration on the part of Cuban migrants coming to the United States – that includes both the overland routes and maritime routes,” Price said.

Cuba’s foreign ministry, in a statement issued Thursday evening following the talks, blamed the spike in irregular migration off the island on U.S. policy that “creates social and economic conditions that incentivize emigration.”

“These measures, including those associated with the extreme tightening of the economic blockade, are leading to the loss of human lives and … crimes such as illicit alien smuggling, migration fraud and people-trafficking, which affect both countries and the region.”

Communist-run Cuba has maintained that the United States is seeking to foment strife and suffering on the island by tightening Cold War-era sanctions to create economic hardship while at the same time throwing up barriers to migration.

The island’s government has demanded the United States issue more visas for Cubans wishing to travel to the United States to comply with prior agreements.

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  1. Oh, she looks effective. Totally. The Castronoids must be having delighted flashbacks to “negotiating” Obama’s “normalization” with Ben Rhodes. To call this whole thing a joke is an understatement.

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