Lions in a Cuban zoo dying of starvation

Socialism not only produces hunger and death for humans, it does the same for animals.

Via Diario de Cuba (my translation):

Walking dead: this is the condition of lions with no food or medicine in another Cuban zoo

The lions, crocodiles, primates, and other species barely surviving at the Caibarien Zoo in the Villa Clara province remain in overcrowded conditions without access to medications or the food necessary to live, according to Cuban animal rights activists in posts on social media.

Activist Mailyn Sanz Labrador posted images and information on Facebook she collected during a visit to the zoo by members of the Villa Clara Cuban Association for the Protection of Animals and Plants. It is the only organization of this type legally recognized by the Cuban government.

“They were able to confirm the animals are suffering from shortages of medication and the food necessary for good health, finding lions and other animals suffering from malnutrition. An official from the zoo explained that it is the only zoo in Cuba that is run by the local community. The rest of the zoos are part of the Cuban Zoo Network,” said Sanz Labrador.

“They have all these locations where the animals are confined to be exhibited and I ask myself: exhibit what? The state they’re in, they’re bad condition, they’re little to no well being, just to say we have zoos and aquariums? At what cost? The suffering of the animals,” said one commenter in the Daisy Denis publication.

“If we can’t take care of ourselves, why do we have zoos? And besides, there is little interest! Leave the animals in their habitats, free, don’t make them suffer anymore in these cruel enclosures,” they added.

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