U.S. asks Cuba to accept deported illegal migrants, Cuba demands U.S. issue more visas to Cubans

From our Bureau of Predictable Outcomes

Talks between Castro, Inc. and representatives of Jar-Jar Biden’s State Department are being described as “productive,” which means that they are moving along as expected.

Translation: Castro, Inc. is going to win big in these talks. The U.S. will issue Cubans tens of thousands of visas per year –and lots of other favors — and in exchange Castro, Inc. will only have to minimally tone down its weaponization of migrants.

Aaaah, how wonderful it is to return to the golden age of the Great Obama Giveaway!

From D1 SoftBallNews:

The United States government revealed on Tuesday that it had asked Havana to accept the Cubans who sport from US territory in exchange for advancing in the processing of visas.

A high-ranking US administration official said in a call with reporters that last week’s immigration talks in Washington between the two sides were “productive.”

“I think it’s the beginning of a good dialogue,” he considered, quoted by EFE.

The official stated that the US delegation asked the Cuban to return to the 2017 migration agreementby which Cuba received the Cubans deported by the US, studying “case by case”, in exchange for Washington advancing in the process of processing visas “outside of Havana”.

The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service (ICE) recently denounced that the island’s authorities have not accepted any deportation of Cubans since last October by commercial or charter flights from US territory.

For its part, The Government of Cuba accuses the United States of not fulfilling its commitment to issue in Havana “no less than 20,000 annual visas to Cubans” to emigrate to the North American country, as agreed in 2017, an issue that he would have raised again at last Thursday’s meeting.

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