Cuban State Security forces religious group to postpone prayer event for political prisoners

In communist Cuba you’re not allowed to speak about political prisoners, you’re not allowed to support political prisoners, and neither are you allowed to pray for political prisoners

Via CubaNet (my translation):

Religious event in Las Tunas postponed due to repression

The “Breaking the Chains” event by the Strong Wind International Apostolic and Prophetic Ministry planned for next weekend was postponed until further notice due to repression by Cuban State Security. The event, to be held in Las Tunas, was to pray for July 11 political prisoners and their families.

With the intent of stopping this event, which many mothers had already confirmed they would attend, regime police increased its harassment over the past few weeks. In addition, they detained and interrogated pastor Mario Jorge Travieso, the president of the Strong Wind Ministry, along with pastors Adriana Medina Meriño and Vivian Barredo Toledo.

According to a statement given to Radio Television Martí by Mario Jorge Travieso, “the situation became complicated because they (State Security) are going after everyone who is participating.”

“When my wife and I were kidnapped, my interrogators told me that I was speaking with Radio Martí every day, and I responded that I spoke with Radio Martí when they called me, and if Radio Victoria, the radio station in Las Tunas called me, I would give them an interview as well, but they have never bothered to call me. They then told me that if I kept talking, they were going to put me in prison,” he explained.

Travieso also denounced that authorities were threatening to arrest all the July 11 mothers who participated in the event.

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