Parents of child political prisoners in Cuba arrested by State Security

The communist Castro dictatorship continues its intimidation and brutality against parents of children held as political prisoners in Cuba. This is socialism in action.

Via ADN Cuba (my translation):

Regime arrests parents of minors held as political prisoners

Yanaisy Curbelo and Rolando Castillo, the parents of two children convicted and imprisoned for protesting this past July 11, were arrested on Wednesday in Havana.

“They are being held at the 11th Police Unit in San Miguel: Yanaisy Curbelo, the mother of Brandon Becerra Curbelo and Rolando Castillo, the father of Rowland Castillo,” said activist Claudio Gaitan Garmendia on social media.

“The arrests took place today when they were on their way to church to participate in a march calling for the release of their children who have been sentenced to 13 and 18 years in prison respectively,” he said on Facebook.

Maria Teresa Perez, the grandmother of Rowland Castillo, commented on the post that the father was supposed to take a bag of food to his son in prison on Thursday. “What are they trying to provoke? What more do they want? Come and get me, his maternal grandmother, there’s nothing left for them to take,” said Maria Teresa.

Camila Rodriguez, a member of the Justice 11 Politically Motivated Detentions Workgroup, confirmed the arrest of the parents and called for people to stand in solidarity with them by calling “the 11th Unit (San Miguel del Padron) station at 76918625 where Rolando Castillo and Yanaisy Curbelo are being held.”

“Rolando is the father of Rowland Castillo Castro and Yanaisy is the mother of Brandon David Becerra Curbelo. Both are CHILD POLITICAL PRISONERS from July 11,” said actor and activist Daniel Triana on Facebook.

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