Video of the Day: Brave Cuban protests in Central Havana, calls for ‘Freedom for the Cuban people’

Despite the Castro dictatorship’s ruthless crackdown on dissent, Cubans continue to risk their lives to protest the oppression and brutality of the communist regime.

Via Periodico Cubano (my translation):

This morning a Cuban peacefully protested on the centrally located San Rafael Boulevard in Central Havana.

Journalist Mario Penton shared information on the protester. His name on social media is “Ktivo disidente” and he is from the Cienfuegos province, circumventing a police line to launch a protest in the capital.

In the videos shared by Penton, you can see the Cuban man standing on a wall. From there he spoke to the people and to those in power in the regime.

“You have to allow us to participate in the political life of the country. Those of you that are communist, be that, and those that aren’t, they have to be respected […] If you want ‘Viva Fidel,’ fine, Viva Fidel. That’s your problem. I don’t want to be a communist […] A little while ago they posted four or five a-holes to carry out an act of repudiation on a Cuban who is speaking out […] But that will continue as long as we don’t do what we should be doing and start demanding what we should be demanding. Because it’s our turn now. Because we have the right to have rights.”