Mexico’s secret deal to buy enslaved doctors from Cuba’s Castro dictatorship

On the outside the media reported it as a great humanitarian gesture by Cuba’s communist dictatorship to send doctors abroad to help. On the inside, however, it is modern-day slavery.

Diario de Cuba reports:

What happened with the Cuban doctors sent to Mexico?

Were there violations of Mexican law in the export of Cuban doctors to that country in 2020? DIARIO DE CUBA offers a timeline of the events there

After Cuban-American legislators this week asked the federal government to investigate alleged violations by Mexico of the United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement (USMCA) due to the hiring of medical personnel from Cuba in 2020, questions are being raised about the characteristics of this “medical mission” from Havana to the neighboring country.

What were the terms of the agreement between Havana and Mexico City? Were there any violations of laws governing the hiring of professionals in that country? Is it possible that the human rights provisions of the NAFTA were violated, as the legislators claim?

DIARIO DE CUBA, which closely followed this agreement to export Cuban labor, runs down what happened in those days.

Secrecy and opacity

The first thing that came to light after the announcement of the arrival of Cuban doctors in Mexico to deal with the ravages of the Covid-19 pandemic was the secrecy with which the professionals traveled to that country.

Although in April 2020 the Mexican Foreign Ministry reported the arrival of ten Cuban experts to evaluate the Covid-19 pandemic, but without providing “medical services to the population,” the following month the Secretariat of Tourism of Mexico City told the EFE news agency that at least 590 Cuban doctors were already working in Mexico.

The arrival of this contingent was not mentioned by the Mexican media or by Cuban officials, while the Ministry of Foreign Affairs avoided reporting the exact number of doctors arriving in the country.

Neither did the official Cuban media, which offered daily details of the brigade that was working in Italy, and touted each group exported as an achievement of the island’s health system, mention this transfer of personnel.

In June, DIARIO DE CUBA reported that a Cuban woman, a member of the brigade, had escaped from the “mission” and her whereabouts were unknown. According to the same source, since the medical workers arrived in Mexico up to that date there had been around 15 “defections,” although in none of those cases were there any official reports.

This newspaper also confirmed that the hundreds of Cubans worked mainly in Mexico City and its suburbs, where the epicenter of the disease in that country was located, although it later came to light that another group of more than 100 was deployed in hospitals in Veracruz.

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  1. For the umpteenth time: even flagrant hypocrisy is perfectly “normal” for the usual suspects. And yes, they know we know they’re full of it, but they figure they can still get away with it, and that’s all that matters.

    As for Mexico, don’t get me started. It stinks on ice, and there’s no sign it will ever clean up its act.

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