Putin advisor calls for installation of Russian nuclear missiles in Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua

Putin and his Rasputin

From our Nuclear Pirates of the Caribbean Bureau

The man giving this advice is known as “Putin’s Rasputin”, so this piece of news should not be brushed aside too lightly. Apparently, the Crimea and Ukraine invasions can be attributed to him.

Imagine Castro, Inc. with nuclear weapons, again. And Venezuela, and Nicaragua too. Could happen. Déjà vu all over again, as Yogi Berra might say.

From Newsweek:

A Russian political philosopher and propagandist believed to have influenced Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine has said Moscow should send arms to its allies to retaliate against Western countries giving weapons to Kyiv’s forces.

Aleksandr Dugin is a 60-year-old intellectual and former Moscow State University professor, who has been described variously as “Putin’s Rasputin”, “Putin’s philosopher” and even “Putin’s brain.”

He is believed to have the ear of the Russian president and his theories are thought to have shaped Moscow’s annexation of Crimea in 2014 as well as the full-scale invasion of Ukraine that started on February 24.

Drawing on an ideology of an illiberal totalitarian Russian Empire that runs from Dublin to Vladivostok, Dugin’s vision is to challenge the U.S. and “Atlanticism.”

In a week in which the U.K. and the U.S. announced further military help for Ukraine, Dugin said in a VKontakte post that Russia should, in turn, respond by arming U.S. adversaries.

“If the United States and European countries are calmly supplying weapons to Ukraine, why shouldn’t Russia also supply various weapons systems to its partners and proxies,” Dogin wrote on the Russian social media network Tuesday.

His suggestion is for Russia to arm groups, including the Kurds, Hezbollah and Hamas in a move that would send an “unequivocal signal to the Turks, Israel, and will also make the Americans worry in Iraq and Syria.”

He also said that weapons could also be given to North Korea, Serbia and Republika Srpska—the political subdivision of Bosnia and Herzegovina. He added, “of course, in Latin America, it is necessary to strengthen the distribution regime, first by arming Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela well.”

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  1. Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua would not be any threat to the US if JFK had been up to his job instead of a puffed up Ken doll who was all surface and lousy substance. But I’m not bitter or anything, just disgusted.

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