Cuban dictatorship locks down activists and independent journalists on the eve of May Day parade

How weak is the communist Castro dictatorship this May Day, 2022? So weak they’re locking down activists and journalists and not allowing them to see the light of day today.

Via CiberCuba (my translation):

Cuba: Summons, threats, and house arrests on the eve of May Day

On the eve of May Day, more than 20 independent journalists and activists have been summoned, threatened, arrested, or placed on house arrest by Cuban State security. It is part of a wave of repression to intimidate and prevent them from participating in “acts of violence and provocation” during a parade organized by the regime.

In the last few days some nine independent journalists have been subjected to interrogations and threatened by Cuban State Security: Yoe Suárez and Jorge Enrique Rodríguez (Diario de Cuba), Ismario Rodríguez and Geisy Guia Delis (Periodismo de Barrio), Ariel Maceo Téllez and Yadiris Luis (ADNCuba), Lisbeth Moya (Tremenda Nota), Miriam Celaya (14yMedio) and Anay Remón (CubaNet).

CubaNet journalist Anay Remon (Ana Leon) was summoned on Wednesday, April 27. The reporter said State Security officials warned her that they were not going to tolerate “any subversive public act — that includes any coverage by independent media — during the May Day parade.”

CubaNet reporters Maria Matienzo and her partner, activist Kirenia Yalit Nuñez, also received a “visit” from a State Security official at their home. He warned them that they should remain “quiet” because of the upcoming May Day.

Meanwhile, three parents of July 11 protesters this past Thursday in Havana were arrested when they tried to carry out a peaceful protest calling for the release of their children.

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