Cuban dictatorship seeks to increase dissident comic’s prison sentence for crime of ‘insulting and offending’ authorities

imprisoned influencer Yoandi Montiel, also known as “El gato de Cuba” (The Cuban Cat)

From our Bureau of Hypersensitive, Cowardly, and Thin-Skinned Socialist Authorities

Touchy, touchy. Castro, Inc. prosecutors are now seeking to lengthen the incarceration of a Cuban comic and YouTube influencer who has already spent one year of a two-year sentence behind bars.

His crime? “threatening, slandering, defaming, insulting, injuring and offending, the dignity and decorum of authorities, public officials and their auxiliary agents”.

Yeah. Go HERE to sample his criminal behavior. How dare he make fun of Castro, Inc.’s recent potato harvest!

Simply put, he is an impudent and ungrateful wretch who won’t stop criticizing Castro, Inc.. Even worse, Cubans think he’s funny and also agree with what he has to say. But keep in mind that according to the military junta that runs Castro, Inc., Cuba doesn’t have any political prisoners. No. None at all.

This is simply what happens when wokenoid leftists are able to turn their cancel culture into law. You will NOT be imprisoned for your beliefs. No. You will be imprisoned for being an impudent and dangerously offensive oaf. Watch out, Dave Chappelle. That knife-wielding avenger who attacked you on stage yesterday is only a harbinger of things to come when the woke revolution takes over.

Disrespectful and offensive ingrate

Abridged and loosely translated from Marti Noticias

The Prosecutor’s Office of the Havana municipality of October 10 appealed the sentence of two years in prison imposed on youtuber Yoandi Montiel, known as “El Gato de Cuba”, confirmed to Radio Televisión Martí, the father of the political prisoner.

“But the Prosecutor’s Office did not agree with the sentence and after ten days he appealed. The prosecutor wants more years for the child. Now we have to wait approximately 10 days to see what happens”, lamented Father Lázaro Montiel.

The prosecutor’s request for Montiel was initially for five years, but in the trial they changed the crime of aggravated contempt for which he was being charged with contempt. Reason for which the sentence resulted in two years of deprivation of liberty.

The current Cuban Penal Code punishes with deprivation of liberty from three months to one year and a fine to anyone who “threatens, slanders, defames, insults, injures or in any way insults or offends, verbally or in writing, in his dignity or decorum to an authority, public official, or their auxiliary agents”.

“If the act is carried out with respect to the president of the Council of State, the president of the National Assembly of People’s Power, the members of the Council of State or the Council of Ministers or the deputies to the National Assembly of People’s Power, the sanction is of deprivation of freedom from one to three years”, indicates the regulation.

The influencer has been in prison since April 12, 2021, when an operation involving more than 20 policemen, civilians and “black berets”, the elite body of the Ministry of the Interior (MININT), arrested him at his home.

Whole story HERE in Spanish