Imprisoned Cuban opposition leader denounces continuous physical and psychological torture

Patriotic Union of Cuba leader Jose Daniel Ferrer says he is being subjected to non-stop physical and psychological torture as a prisoner of conscience of the communist Castro dictatorship. This is socialism in action.

Via CiberCuba (my translation):

Continuous physical and psychological torture of Jose Daniel Ferrer while in prison is denounced

Political prisoner and leader of the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU) Jose Daniel Ferrer Garcia continues to be a victim of physical and psychological torture. This is in addition to the degrading treatment he is subjected to by his jailers, violating his rights as a human and a prisoner of conscience.

Monday marked the sixth Day that Ferrer has not been allowed to sleep, said Ana Belkis Ferrer Garcia, his sister and an activist with the Ladies in White. Sleep deprivation, described as a form of torture, is part of the Cuban regime’s practices denounced by political prisoners.

In a telephone call, the leader of UNPACU told his wife Dr. Nelva Ismarays Ortega Tamayo that his jailers at the Mar Verde Prison make constant noise during the night, banging on the iron gates near his cell to wake him up or prevent him from falling asleep.

“They make noise all night long, like they’re using hammers to bang on the iron gates near his isolation cell where he’s been held since the beginning of August last year,” said Ana Belkis on Tuesday in a social media post.

The activist said that “the communist Castro-Canel dictatorship, through its assassins at the Mar Verde prison, increased the physical and psychological torture,” preventing her brother from getting any sleep.

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