Some embargo! Cuba buys 84,000 tons of chicken from U.S. during first 3 months of this year, but most Cubans won’t get any of it

From our Bureau of Internal Blockades, Price-Gouging, and Other Such Socialist Cluster Scams

More chicken, gives us more chicken! Pollo, pollo, pollo! We’re hungry for profits and the only prescription is more chicken!

Castro, Inc. and leftists of all stripes around the world are constantly calling for an end to the U.S. “blockade”. And Castro, Inc. also constantly blames all of its economic woes on this so-called blockade.

Well, here’s the real thing. There is no U.S. blockade. As long as Castro, Inc. can pay cash up front, it can get all the food and medicines it needs. The real blockade is internal: Castro Inc. will NOT be selling this chicken to the Cuban people through its rationing system. Instead, it will use most of it to feed tourists and it will sell the rest of it at inflated prices in its pricey foreign currency stores or online stores where exiles buy it for their relatives on the island.

In the first quarter of 2022, the United States exported to Cuba almost 84 thousand tons of chicken meat worth 74.4 million dollars, Cuban economist Pedro Monreal reported on Twitter. Sales of chicken meat to Cuba in March reached the fifth highest monthly historical record of the last two decades, with 29,182 tons.

Call it a cluster scam: Castro, Inc. plays victim to evil U.S. while making a huge profit on thousands of tons of chicken, very little of which can be bought by Cubans. Vamos requetebien!

Economists describe this cluster scam at Marti Noticias (loosely translated)

“Cuba pays (0.87 USD) for the kilogram of chicken purchased,” economist Pedro Monreal posted on his Twitter account.

The profit margin that the government obtains with the sale of this food in the Stores in Freely Convertible Currency (MLC) is enormous, assured the academician Elías Amor Bravo.

“That chicken is not sold for the regulated basket, nothing more than in small quantities (a quarter of a chicken per person per month, which does not include breast) and the rest of the chicken imported from the United States is paid at much higher prices. at those stores in MLC. It is the state coffers that collect the difference between the sale price of chicken in stores that collect foreign currency, to which only 30% of the Cuban population have access, because the other 70% of Cubans do not have access to foreign exchange, has to live in the area of ??national weight that is increasingly miserable”, emphasized the economist.

Ángel Marcelo Rodríguez Pita, an accountant and sociologist, warns that much of this chicken is bought in virtual stores from abroad where Cuban emigrants buy, who pay with credit cards to supply their relatives on the island.

“These stores are nothing more than an extension of that military emporium that is the GAESA corporation, they are not MiPYMES (micro, small and medium-sized enterprises), they are disguised stores, it is an armed robbery, because it is no longer enough to take from the Cubans the euros and dollars with those MLC cards, now it is added that, if you do not have a relative who buys you food from abroad, you practically have no possibility of accessing consumption, ”said the expert.

The economist Martha Beatriz Roque Cabello concluded that the sale of this chicken is a great business for the country’s authorities.

“The chicken is bought at minimum prices and here the kilogram is sold at excessive prices, the chicken package has an unattainable price for the people,” said the economist.

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