After massive debt forgiveness of $8.5 billion, Cuba owes Spain over $2 billion more

Mil gracias, comemierdas….say goodbye to your money…..

From our Nouveau Pirates of the Caribbean Bureau with some assistance from our Bureau of Untreated Leftist Mental Illnesses

Please explain to me why the men in charge of the military junta that runs Castro, Inc. are not recognized as a pirates? What’s the difference between stealing stuff outright and never paying for the stuff you buy on credit?

In many ways, Castro, Inc. is no different from those urban pirates who raid stores and run away with bags full of stolen merchandise. And it’s no different from traditional pirates either. To boot, unlike urban pirates, Castro, Inc. also takes captives for ransom, such as Alan Gross.

Aaaah, but Spain, the Paris Club, Canada, and the European Union like being screwed over and over by Castro, Inc., most probably because of some form of collective mental illness that could rightly be called “Acute Leftism.”

Unbelievable. Truly beyond reason. Acute Leftism has to be a mental illness because Castro, Inc.’s abusive behavior has not only been tolerated by these same lenders for over sixty years, but actually encouraged by them through constant debt forgiveness. These lenders do seem to love getting screwed out of their money. Spain, in particular, seems to have the most severe form of this psychiatric disorder.

And part of that $2 billion debt most probably includes all the Spanish riot gear used by Castro Inc.’s thugs on July 11.

Loosely translated from Marti Noticias

Cuba owes Spain 1,937 million euros,(roughly 2.1 billion dollars) according to official data published in Madrid.

At first, Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez’s executive refused to reveal the figure, supposedly for “confidentiality” reasons, but his disclosure was demanded by the Transparency Council, an independent body within the Spanish government.

According to the official response, on December 12, 2015, Spain signed, together with the rest of the Paris Club creditors, a debt relief agreement with Cuba. And on June 10, 2021, in the context of the COVID-19 crisis, an addendum was signed for the “rescheduling of certain debt maturities”.

“The debt is important, because 2,000 million (2 billion) is approximately the amount of the Cuban economy’s exports of goods, over the course of a year. It is the equivalent of invoicing income from tourism, and the Cuban economy does not have much capacity to generate resources of that magnitude, “said the economist Elías Amor Bravo, president of the Cuban Liberal Union (ULC).

After the agreement with the Paris Club, Cuba was forgiven 8.5 billion dollars, but Havana has been unable to pay the rest.

“It is a debt that is consolidated and becomes structural, and that is very difficult to repay,” warns Amor Bravo.

In his opinion, “this is a consequence of the policy that the Spanish government maintains in foreign trade with Cuba, facilitating credit.”

For this reason, the Cuban Liberal Union is committed to the model of the “US dispute with Cuba, which clearly marks that commercial operations have to be paid in cash.”

“It’s the best formula for doing business with a regime like Cuba’s, which doesn’t give a damn about debt,” he said.

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  1. It is, of course, a form of perversity. It is definitely collaboration with and enabling of evil. But remember. the “suckers” are NOT throwing away their own money, and are not getting ripped off personally. Thus, they can afford to indulge their twisted tendencies at the expense of the people they ostensibly serve. Old story.

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