Two Cubans arrested by State Security for live-streaming aftermath of Hotel Saratoga explosion

The communist Castro dictatorship must always maintain complete control over what is said and shown, even in a tragedy. Any attempt to bypass them results in your arrest. This is socialism in action.

Via ADNCuba (my translation):

Two activists arrested for live-streaming the aftermath of the Hotel Saratoga explosion on social media

Activists Angel Cuza and Pedro Quiala remain in custody of the Cuban regime after they were both arrested on Friday for live-streaming on their Facebook accounts the events that took place around the Hotel Saratoga immediately after the explosion that damaged a large section of the building. As of this moment, the explosion has caused 26 deaths according to official reports.

On Quiala’s Facebook page, his father condemned the arrest of his son and placed responsibility for his well being on State Security. According to him, he was told by officers at the Zamja police station in Central Havana that his son is facing 10 to 15 years in prison.

They are seeking to imprison him for telling the truth and showing what really happens in Cuba. “The accident happened. My son is ill, but the dictatorship doesn’t care about that. They have been kidnapped and are being held at Villa Marista [prison],” the father said in a statement.

Opposition figure Thais Mailen Franco said on Friday that Cuza and Quiala were arrested for live-streaming video from outside the Hotel Saratoga.

“I will not forget that there are two people I love very much who are now in the hands of the oppressors solely for taking video of what happened in Havana today. I demand the immediate release of my friends Angel Cuza and Pedro Quiala,” Franco wrote on Facebook.

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