Cuba to train Mexican doctors, send 500 more Cuban slave doctors to Mexico, and send more migrants to U.S. via Mexico

Brothers in arms: Castro Inc.’s Trucutú and Mexico’s López Obrador

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Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador spent a few days in Castrogonia making deals with Castro, Inc. and from the looks of it, he and Castro, Inc. were very successful in finding various ways to keep the island’s murderous dictatorship in power.

Such a deal! Two of these deals will put plenty of money in Castro, Inc.’s pockets: 90 percent of the salary to be paid to 500 slave doctors, plus tuition and housing cashflow from Mexican medical students. The third deal will make it possible for Cuban migrants whose ultimate destination is the U.S. to obtain Mexican visas more quickly and in greater numbers.

Aaaah, the joys of leftist brotherhood!

Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

Andrés Manuel López Obrador informed on Monday upon his return to Mexico from Cuba that his government will hire 500 Cuban doctors to overcome the shortage of specialists in the country.

“That is why this decision to hire more than 500 doctors who will already be working, so that the purpose we have made of guaranteeing the right to health, medical attention, medicine, studies and free clinical analyzes for those who they don’t have social security,” he said during his daily morning appearance at the National Palace, according to local newspaper El Universal.

“We are also going to hire doctors from Cuba who are going to come to work in our country; we made this decision because we don’t have the doctors we need in the country,” he said.

In reference to the bilateral health agreement signed with Havana, and about which no details had been offered, the president said that it is also planned that Mexican medical students be trained on the island, a program of his Government that in previous calls has barely found candidates, despite the fact that the Mexican authorities bear the expenses of the fellow.

The president’s announcement comes after Cuban-American legislators asked the federal government to investigate Mexico’s alleged violations of the North American Free Trade Agreement (T-MEC) due to the 2020 hiring of medical personnel. from Cuba.

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2 thoughts on “Cuba to train Mexican doctors, send 500 more Cuban slave doctors to Mexico, and send more migrants to U.S. via Mexico”

  1. Mexico is hardly out of step with the general Latrine hijeputez, meaning there are plenty of other offenders, but it has been especially consistent and dependably pro-Castro, Inc. since the start. No doubt that has been partly to avoid Castroite interference in its internal affairs, since its entrenched and systematic corruption wants no disturbance to the status quo (which is why its deep and chronic dysfunction never really improves, since those who benefit from it don’t want real change). Qué mierda de país.

  2. Needless to say, this is yet another reason for Cubans (meaning those who respect themselves) to reject the “Latin” label, which was always spurious anyway but has become deeply demeaning and infra dig.

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