Cuban dictatorship has yet to evacuate all neighbors affected by Hotel Saratoga explosion

School damaged by Hotel Saratoga explosion

From our Bureau of Socialist Efficiency and Social Justice

The blast that blew out the walls of the Hotel Saratoga had a substantial impact on all of the buildings near it, some of which were heavily damaged.

Thus far, some of the residents of nearby buildings have been moved to temporary shelters — and children in the school next door have been dispersed to other schools — but many other neighbors are still waiting for relocation anxiously in buildings seriously weakened by the explosion.

Once again, socialist social justice at work, and inclusion too. Everyone in the neighborhood is included in this tragedy.

Collateral damage from Hotel Saratoga blast

Loosely translated from Marti Noticias

Residents of some buildings near the Hotel Saratoga, in Havana, have been evacuated to the Villa Panamericana, east of the Cuban capital, but others, such as the residents of Monte 12, remain in their homes despite the damage to the building.

“According to what I understand, they will be compensated for all the damages and losses caused” by the explosion that caused a partial collapse in the Saratoga and surrounding buildings, activist Pedro Quiala, who long ago lived in one of those buildings, told Radio Martí. of apartments.

The children of the Concepción Arenal school, located in front of the Saratoga hotel, and whose building was badly affected after the explosion that shook that building last Friday, have also been relocated.

Amaya Cuesta, mother of a minor who is in the first grade at that primary school, told Radio Martí so. “Today we went to see the school where she was assigned, Mendive, the first and second (grades), the others, I don’t even know where they are assigned,” she said.

Radio Martí also contacted this Monday with María Elena, a resident of Monte 12, a few meters from the Saratoga hotel, whose building has not been evacuated, although it was heavily impacted by the explosion on Friday. “The building has not been evacuated, but it has suffered. The walls have been cracked. The wall of my bathroom opened all the way down. The ceiling fell on the neighbor next door and broke her head. We are in Monte 12 , when turning (from the Saratoga),” he said.

According to the neighbor, the explosion “felt so strong, and people screaming,” that she thought the building would collapse. “This building is very bad. I said, this is going downhill, but no, here we are,” she said.

María Elena also confirmed that the neighbors who lived in properties near Saratoga have already been removed from their homes. “Everyone is in the Pan American Village, and other people who didn’t want to go there are in a shelter nearby,” she said.

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