This is what ‘Latin’ solidarity with Cuba looks like

No commentary is needed, because the photo could hardly be more eloquent. It’s all there, practically screaming its obscene hijeputez. I will add, however, that upon his return to Mexico from his latest visit to Havana, the Mexican president declared publicly that Cuba’s faux president “is an honest man, hardworking, human, a very good person, a good public servant and a good human being.”

We can’t change such people, but we can most certainly hold them in profound contempt and reject them utterly — and yes, that includes rejecting being classified as “Latin” ourselves, which is both insulting and demeaning. Hispanic may be acceptable, I suppose, albeit grudgingly, but NOT “Latin.”

Santocielo, el asco.

2 thoughts on “This is what ‘Latin’ solidarity with Cuba looks like”

  1. The deeply disgusting Mexican SOB carries on like it’s all a cute little game, a joke for the in-crowd, a lark.

    And no, he is not at all unusual for the “Latin” world–he’s quite “normal.” It’s just that this photo managed to capture an extremely revealing instant, when appearance perfectly reflected underlying reality.

    If nothing else, WE need to carry on with due dignity and respect ourselves, even if the world does not.

  2. How can I even look at a “Latin” who’s OK with this miserable asshole in his cringeworthy cobalt-blue suit and fan-girl demeanor without wanting to spit? How can I relate, let alone even remotely identify with such a person? I mean, I find even Cuban “revolutionary” types quite alien. And I’m supposed to be “Latin” too? HELL, NO.

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