UN Committee Against Torture demands Cuba provide information on arrests and interrogations

The communist Castro dictatorship will not provide the UN with any real data on the arrests and interrogations it carries out, and unfortunately, the UN will do nothing about it. The charade continues.

Via Martí Noticias (my translation):

Committee Against Torture demands Cuba answers and numbers on arrests, interrogations, and harassment

The UN Committee Against Torture (CAT) is calling on Cuba to “investigate, prosecute, and if needed, sanction” those responsible for the use of excessive force during the protests of July 11, 2021.

In a statement released on Friday, the committee expressed its concerns over reports that document acts of violence that violate human rights such as “beatings, insults, threats of a sexual nature, body searches, use of punishment cells, pepper spray, exposure to high temperatures inside police cars, and abandoning people in remote areas” during the protests.

CAT is calling on Havana to adopt necessary measures to prevent and stop arbitrary arrests, harassment, intimidation, threats, and marginalization of human rights activists, journalists, artists, and their family members. They are calling for guarantees that the acts of harassment, oppression, and intimidation be investigated and those responsible be sanctioned. They want assurances that all citizens are protected against intimidation and violence for their activities or exercising their freedom of thought, expression, and travel along with their rights to free association and peaceful gatherings, and establishing an independent national mechanism to protect defenders of human rights, journalists, and other members of civil society.

The Committee called on Cuba to “investigate any public officials who were possibly responsible for deaths of individuals in custody and when appropriate, punish those who are guilty and provide just compensation to family members.” The Committee lamented that the Cuban regime has not provided any “statistical information that is complete regarding citizens who have died while in custody during the period of time examined by the Committee. The preliminary figure is approximately 100 per year, which mainly have cardiovascular illness listed as the cause of death in reports provided by Cuba.

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  1. There’s only so much one can “demand” from a member of the UN Human Rights Council, unless one is prepared to put one’s money where one’s mouth is, so to speak–and the UN isn’t.

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