Biden lifts travel restrictions to Cuba, revives Obama’s failed diplomatic ‘thaw’ with Havana

Here we go again. Another Democrat president ignores the brutal oppression of the Castro dictatorship and makes unilateral concessions to Havana’s murderous communist regime.

Via The Hill:

The White House on Monday announced major reversals of Trump administration policies toward Cuba by expanding flights into the country and reestablishing a family reunification program that had been dormant for years.

The Biden administration announced it would restore flights to cities other than Havana and allow for group travel that is deemed for educational or professional exchanges.

So what did the Castro dictatorship do to earn these concessions? What exactly has the corrupt regime in Havana, which has been in power for more than six decades and crushes anyone who dares challenge it done that the U.S. would reward it with millions in American tourist dollars?

For starters, it violently crushed a massive peaceful protest in July last year where over 1,000 Cubans still remain imprisoned and many have already been given long prison sentences. It continues to harass the Ladies in White every Sunday, arresting and beating them for attempting to attend church services. The Castro dictatorship also continues to persecute independent journalists, surrounding their homes with police so they cannot go out. The regime also continues to arrest opposition leaders, throwing them into punishment cells and subjecting them to torture.

Yes, it looks like the Castro dictatorship has done a lot to earn favor from the Biden administration.

2 thoughts on “Biden lifts travel restrictions to Cuba, revives Obama’s failed diplomatic ‘thaw’ with Havana”

  1. The only surprise is that he didn’t do this sooner. But the Cubanoids are OK with it, as they were with Obama’s “thaw,” so it’s all good. It’s inconceivable that a Cuban American could vote Dem, but shit happens.

  2. And love the photo. It could be subtitled “The banality of collaborating with evil.” Still, they could be Cubans.

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