Biden rewards Cuban dictatorship for its brutality, it responds by complaining, condemning, and demanding more concessions

Jar-Jar Biden and his ace negotiator Emily Mendrala

From our Vikings of the Caribbean Bureau with some assistance from our Dangerously Ditzy Diplomatic Dolts Bureau

Surprise! NOT!!! Well, no surprise, really. We all knew this was going to be the result of the migration talks between Castrogonia and the U.S. After all, Emily Mendrala, the leftist diplomat in charge of negotiations with Castro, Inc. had already established a record as an admirer of the Cuban dictatorship and a facilitator of Obama’s so-called “thaw.”

So, Jar-Jar Biden and his State Department have once again re-established the money pipeline that will keep Castro, Inc. in business through remittances and tourism.

Also predictable is the response from Castro, Inc. As they see it, Jar-Jar has not given them nearly enough. They want bigger gifts, much bigger and better. And they are venting their anger at the U.S. quite openly. Naturally, they are also asking for more negotiations.

Maybe its time for Castro, Inc. to adopt the theme song from the tv series “Vikings” as their national anthem. After all, its main refrain is their mantra: “This will never end ’cause I want more… More, more, more, give me more…” Yes, Vikings of the Caribbean.

“This will never end ’cause I want more… More, more, more, give me more.

Loosely translated from Marti Noticias

The Cuban communist regime announced in a statement on Monday the intention to start a dialogue with the Administration of President Joe Biden.

“The Government of Cuba reiterates its willingness to initiate a respectful dialogue on an equal footing with the Government of the United States, based on the Charter of the United Nations, without interference in internal affairs and with full respect for the independence and sovereignty,” says the official note from Havana, in which it celebrates the measures announced Monday by Washington with respect to Cuba in terms of visas, regular migration, flights to provinces, remittances and adjustments to regulations for transactions with the sector. not state.

For Cuba it is “a limited step in the right direction” by the current US administration.

In the same statement, Havana expressed dissatisfaction because what was announced does not cover all of the island’s claims to the United States, such as the embargo and the inclusion of Cuba on the terrorism blacklist.

The announcements do not in any way modify the blockade, nor the main economic fence measures taken by Trump, such as the listings of entities that are subject to additional coercive measures, nor does it eliminate travel bans on Americans. It does not reverse the inclusion arbitrary and fraudulent use of Cuba on the State Department’s list of countries that are allegedly sponsors of terrorism, one of the main causes of the difficulties that Cuba encounters for its commercial and financial transactions in many parts of the world”.

The note from the Cuban government denounces that “by taking these limited steps, the State Department uses openly hostile language, accompanied by traditional slanders and new fallacies that have become fashionable in recent months, demonstrating that the objectives of the policy have not changed. of the United States against Cuba, nor its main tools”.

2 thoughts on “Biden rewards Cuban dictatorship for its brutality, it responds by complaining, condemning, and demanding more concessions”

  1. Part of it, of course, is the intrinsic perversity to which we have long been subjected, and which will indeed never end as long as such people have the power to practice it. That is what they are and what they do. Another part is our weakness, which makes us too dependent on the dubious kindness of strangers.

    That weakness is inevitably exploited and clearly a big part of the problem, which happens to be OUR problem and primarily OUR responsibility. Certainly, if we don’t solve it, nobody else will do it for us.

    Thus, más de lo mismo. And no, the perps have no shame–they don’t even bother to sugarcoat the matter. That is why a screaming schmuck like Ben Rhodes was Obama’s chief “negotiator, and why an Emily Mendrala, who’s hardly an improvement and may be even worse, is Biden’s. Yes, we are being mocked.

  2. It may have been better to have Emily Litella as Biden’s chief negotiator. It would hardly have been worse.

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