Democrats and media in Florida left reeling after Biden’s concessions to Cuba and Venezuela

If anyone was still in doubt, it is now obvious the DNC has given up on Florida.

Democrats in the Sunshine State as well as their local media cheerleaders have been hung out to dry by the Biden administration after easing sanctions against the dictatorships in Cuba and Venezuela. Any hopes the Democrats had of stopping or cutting into the gains made by the GOP in Florida — let alone winning the state — were dashed this week with a one-two punch to the gut when the White House announced unearned concessions to the brutal regimes ruling in Cuba and Venezuela.

As Sabrina Rodriguez and Matt Dixon report in Politico, the move further alienates Hispanics and Florida and has left Democrats in dismay:

President Joe Biden hemorrhaged South Florida Hispanic voters in 2020 — one reason he lost the state to Donald Trump during the last election.

Two moves by his administration this week — easing sanctions on Venezuela and loosening restrictions on Cuba — signal he’s likely not interested in improving his standing with the key demographic. And Florida Democrats, already reeling from a tough electoral environment for the party, are disheartened.

“It’s frustrating, no question. And I’m sure it will be used [against Democrats],” said state Sen. Annette Taddeo (D-Miami), who is running for governor. “It’s very clear they still don’t have a political side in the Biden White House.”

And Democrat Party operatives in Florida aren’t the only ones lamenting this latest foreign policy disaster by the Biden Administration. The Miami Herald, which endorsed Biden (and Hillary, and Obama, etc), felt the sting as well:

In a single move, President Joe Biden just gave Cuba’s aging, creaky regime new oxygen to continue to exist, living on to oppress those who oppose it on the island.

It knocked the wind out of the Patria y Vida movement, which staged huge protests against the regime across the country last June.

And, apparently, none of this will necessarily lead to a free and democratic Cuba.

Nice work.

Of course, none of this comes as a surprise to many Hispanics in Florida.. But when Cuban Americans and other conservative Hispanics in the state warned everyone about it, Democrats and the media called it “disinformation.” To this day, in fact, Democrats are still trying to censor conservative Hispanic voices in the media to stop them from warning others that Biden will do exactly what he’s doing right now.

Democrat operatives in Florida blasted conservative Hispanics for spreading disinformation and put their reputations on the line by claiming a Biden administration wouldn’t appease Latin American dictators. But as it turns out, they were the ones spreading disinformation.

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  1. That sign in the photo, presumably held up by a Cuban(oid), is deeply disgusting, whether it’s Biden or any Dem candidate to national office. We CANNOT afford such flagrant disregard for reality (I’m being kind), since Dems are a repeatedly PROVEN sustaining element to Castro, Inc. They ALWAYS do this sort of shit one way or another at some point. There is ZERO excuse for Cubans supporting them. It is NOT acceptable.

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