Power blackouts and food shortages cause violent protest in Cuba; government responds with ‘act of repudiation’

Act of repudiation in Guisa

From our Marvels of Socialism Bureau with some assistance from our Let Them Shout Slogans Bureau

Castro, Inc. is finding it increasingly difficult to generate electricity due to lack of fuel for its power stations. As a result, power blackouts have now become as common as food shortages throughout Castrogonia. (Of course, tourist facilities are never affected by these problems).

This situation has led some Cubans in the eastern end of the island to launch an attack the local offices of ECTESA and CIMEX, in the dark of night, during a power blackout. ECTESA is the dictatorship’s power company; CIMEX, is its export-import corporation.

In a rare show of anger and defiance, residents of the small town of Guisa threw rocks at these offices and broke their windows. Those responsible for this attack on Castro, Inc. have yet to be identified and punished. In the meantime, Castro, Inc. responded — as it always does– by staging an act of repudiation against the unknown vandals.

How dare these selfish malcontents protest against socialist inefficiency so violently! This merits an immediate response!

Since Castro, Inc. can’t fix the island’s problems or punish those who dared to protest against its colossal socialist inefficiency, why not force some locals to gather in public to shout “revolutionary” slogans over and over, mindlessly, hundreds of times? This should fix the problem. The funny thing is that for all we know, some of those responsible for the broken windows might have joined the act of repudiation.. What better way could there be of hiding one’s culpability?

That’s how things work in Castrogonia and all socialist utopias. Assemble mobs to shout slogans and, poof, suddenly everything is beautiful. Socialist magic realism.

Socialist magic realism: “Everything is perfect, absolutely wonderful, this is the best place in the whole world.”

Loosely translated from Periódico Cubano

On May 18, at night and taking advantage of a prolonged blackout in almost the entire municipality of Guisa, in Granma, an undetermined number of Cubans stoned the windows of an Etecsa establishment and a Cimex store.

According to the official radio station Radio Sierra Maestra, unscrupulous elements “tried to tarnish the tranquility of the citizens and the image of the Cuban Revolution.” So far it is unknown how many Cubans participated in the events and if the authorities have found their whereabouts or have clues about the identity of the attackers.

The only reaction came from the municipal leadership of the Communist Party, which called for an “act of revolutionary reaffirmation” to “repudiate the events that occurred.” The Facebook profile of Radio Sierra Maestra assures that the rally was characterized by several revolutionary slogans that “panthetized the firm position of the stewardesses to defend the work of the Revolution and Socialism.”

Cuba is experiencing a severe energy crisis with breakages in generating units in eight of its thermoelectric plants such as Felton, Renté, Nuevitas and Máximo Gómez, in Holguín, Santiago de Cuba, Camagüey and Mariel respectively.

A note published by the Electric Union (UNE) warns that the situation is equally critical in the west and in the east of the country. The largest generators in the country are paralyzed at the same time, either due to breakdown or scheduled maintenance.

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  1. Gee, I wonder where those brand-new flags or banners they’re carrying came from? You have one guess.

    Yes, it’s sad, or almost, but it’s a sick and degraded society, awash in lies, hypocrisy and opportunism.

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