Miami’s Archbishop Wenski applauds Biden’s betrayal of the Cuban people

Miami’s top Cuba expert

From our Bureau of Turning the Other Cheek and Other Proven Successful Dialogue Initiatives With Ruthless Totalitarian Regimes

Yeah. Everyone knows that if the Allies had showered Germany with gifts in 1942, Hitler would have “created conditions for a broader reconciliation” between the Third Reich and the rest of the world, and especially between the Third Reich and all Jews on earth.

Yes, everyone knows that despots love reconciliation, just as they love their fellow human beings, including their enemies.

And everyone knows that no Cuban anywhere can ever be trusted to really know what is best for Cuba and its people.

Lord have mercy….

Here’s a quote from The Tablet (thanks to Asombra for finding this sulfur-encrusted jewel).

Archbishop Thomas Wenski of Miami called the Biden administration’s move “an important step” from the standpoint that “we’ve had the Biden administration basically ignoring Cuba for the last 15 months.” He noted also that Biden promised it would provide free internet to Cuba to circumvent the government’s control of social media when the protests erupted last summer.

“Well, Biden hasn’t done that yet almost a year later,” Archbishop Wenski told The Tablet.

In general, though, Archbishop Wenski said the eased sanctions are a plus because they can help create conditions “where there can be a broader reconciliation” between the people of Cuba and America. The archbishop added that he hopes the measures spur further steps like getting the U.S. Embassy in Cuba “working at full capacity again.”

8 thoughts on “Miami’s Archbishop Wenski applauds Biden’s betrayal of the Cuban people”

  1. I felt kind of bad sending you that link, Carlos, because you’re a much better Catholic than I (or the current pope, for that matter), but I figured this was in your area, and I was too disgusted to post about it myself. Again, the the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and particularly Wenski would have done much better to keep silent on Biden’s Obama redux. The fact they have chosen to rub salt on the wound is not only unacceptable but inexcusable. They are NOT qualified, let alone entitled to such presumptuousness.

    Wenski’s position and general attitude speak for themselves, and loudly, but Cuban Catholics in South Florida have enabled him by omission, and that is not his fault but theirs. I have no leverage in the matter (or I’d use it), but even if I were a better Catholic, neither Bergoglio nor Wenski have anything to say to me about Cuba–and given their record on Cuba, they have nothing to say to me about anything else.

  2. Is it me, or does Wenski looks like a smug, pompous prelate in that official photo? Lord have mercy.

    Still, Cuban Catholics in South Florida have dropped the ball on the guy, or rather, never even picked it up.

  3. Has either Herald paper in Miami even covered this, given its obvious relevance to the Cuban Catholic community? I don’t feel like checking, because the Herald was banished from my world long ago and any contact with it remains distasteful, but unfortunately it exists in the world of many Cubans in South Florida.

  4. It just hit me: Wenski sounds much happier with Biden’s move than even Democrat politicians in Florida. What does that mean? Not that Dems are better, but that they have something to lose by backing Biden, so they don’t. What does Wenski have to lose? Apparently not much, but whose fault is that? Vamos bien.

  5. Well, we’re definitely not a protected minority. Even in the Miami area we can be publicly laughed at, more or less, and nothing much happens. Ask the Miami Herald people, who would NEVER dare pull the same shit if it involved a “proper” minority. The same applies to other perps, since the situation is nothing new and everyone is aware of it. Much of it has to do with fashion and political correctness, which have always been against us, but part of it is clearly our own fault for doing little or nothing about it. I’m certainly not talking about rioting, vandalism or anything illegal, but about simply exercising our choices–and we do have them.

  6. Asombra,

    You are right, “we’re definitely not a protected minority,” but that doesn’t stop us from getting it from both ends. Thanks to the “Latino/Latinx/People-of-color” catagory that we’ve been unwittingly thrown into, many conservatives do in fact think that we’re priviledged people who get a free pass [I’ve seen the comments on social media], but at the same time the “liberals” think that we’re right winged fanatics that have too much power and the MSM and church has no respect for us. Just imagine if Wenski was the archbishop of Los Angeles and he had praised Trump’s hardline immigrant policies! The chicanos would demand his immediate removal and they would burn down the church!

    We’re the Rodney Dangerfield of ethnic groups [whos’ famous one liner was “I get no respect!”], but we’re to blame. We are not institution builders, so we don’t have anything equivilant to La Raza, MALDEF or LULAC to defend us against people like Wenski, the MSM and the infamous “Cuban experts.”

    • I very much doubt someone of Polish extraction would be made Archbishop of LA in the first place. The current one is of Mexican extraction and Mexican-born and, as it happens, the president of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops (surprise!). The fact Wenski was made Archbishop of Miami already suggested a problem, and his performance in the job has borne that out. However, he did not give himself that position, meaning those above him are also part of the problem–but, as I have said, so are Cuban Catholics in South Florida for playing deaf and dumb.

  7. OK, so I broke down and checked. It appears that neither Herald paper in Miami has reported Wenski’s position on Biden’s reboot of Obama’s “normalization.” Surely the Herald is aware of it, or should be, and surely it knows its Cuban Catholic readers would be interested. Maybe there will be a delayed response, but I wouldn’t bet on it, and if the matter is ignored, I expect it will be due to a deliberate decision to do so.

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