Cuban national team sprinter defects in Spain

Another athlete has escaped the Castro family slave plantation, sparing himself a life as human chattel for the communist Cuban dictatorship. Junior sprinter Jenns Fernandez defected from the team the moment he arrived in Madrid, Spain for a tournament.

Via ADN Cuba (my translation):

Cuban sprinter Jenns Fernandez defects in Spain

Jenns Fernandez, Cuban sprinter and the junior national record holder for 100 meters, defected from the island’s sports delegation at the Madrid-Barajas airport in the Spanish capital.

According to official sources, the May 24 list of athletes competing at the First Caribe Guadalupe Games 2022 was missing one name after it became apparent sprinter Jenns Fernandez had defected from the National Team upon his arrival in Madrid.

“The native of Matanzas was entered in the 100 meter and the 4×100 meter races and was on his way to Spain as part of the second group of Cubans that arrived at the Iberian country on Monday, May 23,” the website DeporCuba reported.

The same report said Fernandez ran a 10.14 race, the current national record for the junior 100 meters category.

Andy Lans, another Cuban journalist on the island, confirmed the news on Twitter: “Sprinter Jenns Fernandez DEFECTED from the Cuban team right at the Barajas airport in Spain,” he wrote.

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