Over 500 Cubans who protested on July 11 have been convicted, only 5 acquitted

The communist Castro dictatorship continues sending a very clear message to the Cuban people: Protest the regime and you will end up in the gulag. This is socialism in action.

Via CiberCuba (my translation):

More than 500 Cubans convicted of protesting on July 11; only five were acquitted

A total of 519 individuals were convicted for their participation in the massive anti-government protests in Cuba from this past July 11. As of this date, only five have been acquitted of the charges.

Of the 564 who have been put on trial for protesting, 40 are still awaiting sentencing and 70% to 80% of those are imprisoned awaiting trial. The figures come from a report released on Tuesday by Justicia 11J, a work group documenting politically motivated arrests in Cuba.

The total number of people arrested in relation to the July 11 protests has increased to 1,470 after Justicia 11J obtained new documents detailing the criminal proceedings the protesters are facing. The organization had previously tallied a number of 1,444 persons arrested, which had remained unchanged since April 4.

According to the Justicia 11J update, 129 people have been sanctioned by administrative means, including six minors who were sentenced to internment under the supervision of the Ministry of the Interior [State Security].

Furthermore, approximately 89 individuals who were arrested at the beginning of the protests have been released with no charges.

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  1. So? What’s the regime supposed to do, ignore its prime directive? It doesn’t matter how many ordinary Cubans get screwed, no matter how badly, as long as the dictatorship, uh, “revolution” stays in power.

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