Russia proposes sending its wounded soldiers to recover at Cuban apartheid beach resorts

Wounded Russian soldiers being awarded medals of honor by Defense Minister (Watch video in link below)

From our Beaches for Butchers Bureau, with some assistance from our Bureau of Creative Twists in Socialist Intimidation Strategies and Weaponized Apartheid Beaches

It might be mistaken for a really bad joke, but it isn’t. Yes, Russia wants to build apartheid beach resorts in Cuba for its wounded butchers. And you can bet your bottom dollar that Castro, Inc. is absolutely thrilled by this proposal.

According to the Russian deputy who broke the news, the resorts would not only help wounded Russians heal but also intimidate “those who are there 90 miles from Cuba.” Hard to tell what this means, exactly. Is he referring to the U.S. or to the Cuban exiles in Miami? Or both? And what did he really say in Russian? The Spanish translation in Marti Noticias is “apaciguar”, which can also mean “appease,” and that translation makes no sense. Google Translate comes up with “calm down”, which makes a little more sense, but the real meaning seems to be “intimidate”.

Go HERE for a video and article about the unhappy wounded soldiers in the photo above, most of whom are amputees.

Anyway, this is just another step in Russia’s expansionist strategy. Expect more of this. And don’t expect Jar-Jar Biden to react to this expansionism in any way. Expect instead to see more Russian models at Cuban apartheid resorts.

Rest and rehabilitation, apartheid style: Russian model Katya Clover in Cuba

Loosely translated from Marti Noticias:

Russian deputy Oleg Nilov proposed on Tuesday in the plenary session of the Russian Duma the construction of sanatoriums on the beaches of Cuba for the Russian soldiers wounded in the invasion of Ukraine.

According to the Russian agency Interfax, Nilov, who is the substitute for the leader of the Just Russia parliamentary faction, expressed his proposal to “get some territories on the wonderful coasts of Cuban resorts, build sanatoriums, health centers with Russian funds, especially for military personnel.”

Nilov affirms that in Cuba it would help “the recovery, the treatment even of the soldiers who are wounded, mutilated today in Ukraine” and incidentally “the sanatoriums could also serve another function, to intimidate those who are there 90 miles from Cuba”.

At the end of the speech, the deputy said that he is confident that “Cuba will accept and go for it,” as also confirms.

In April, sources from the Russian Foreign Ministry stated that the country was on the way to strengthening its alliance with Cuba. Alexandr Schetinin, the director of the Latin American department of the Russian Foreign Ministry, commented to the Russian publication Sputnik about his government’s intention to “deepen strategic cooperation between Cuba and Russia.”

We will strengthen the Russian-Cuban strategic partnership on the world stage, in promoting trade and economic cooperation, providing humanitarian assistance and strengthening contacts between people,” said the diplomat.

On January 24, in a telephone conversation, Vladimir Putin and Miguel Díaz-Canel expressed their willingness to deepen “strategic cooperation” and “strengthen bilateral relations.”

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  1. Clover looks malnourished. Reminds me of Spain-based Cuban writer Juan Abreu’s reaction to Cuban-born Spanish singer Chanel Terrero, recently much in the news after placing third in the Eurovision song contest. She’s kind of a Beyoncé knock-off and not shy about showing off her cheeks (the ones below her waist), so there was much talk about “el culo de Chanel.” Abreu, who’s not at all shy about sexual commentary, was not especially impressed. He said “Ni siquiera hay desparpajo en el culito Chanel un culito regulado, vegano, anglosajón y empaquetado al vacío.” In other words, he prefers something rather more substantial.

    To read his blog post on the matter, go to

    And sorry, Carlos, for not treating your post with the seriousness it clearly merits, but sometimes a little levity is a good antidote to so much disgusting crap, which Castrogonia generates incessantly.

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