Injunction filed in Mexican court to stop AMLO’s purchase of enslaved Cuban doctors

A Mexican judge has agreed to review an injunction to stop the Lopez Obrador administration’s deal with the Castro dictatorship to purchase the labor of Cuban doctors.. The preliminary injunction calls into question the qualifications of the doctors as well as the fact the communist Cuban regime sells medical personnel as slave labor.

Via the Toronto Star:

A judge in Mexico agreed Thursday to consider a preliminary injunction against plans by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to hire about 500 specialized doctors from Cuba.

According to a copy of the injunction, the government has not proved the doctors have the ability or training needed to practice in Mexico.

The plaintiffs in the case also argued that most of the doctors’ pay might go to the Cuban government, not the medical professionals themselves.

The identity of those who filed for the injunction was not released. But several professional and medical groups have criticized the plan, which was announced by the president May 9.

The agreement with the Cuban government was negotiated “without having confirmed the quality of the doctors, and without having validated their education, as required by applicable regulations, and without proving they have knowledge of the illnesses and endemic diseases of the Mexican population,” according to the filing.

“The hiring is illegal, because it favors conditions of modern slavery and even human trafficking,” it continued.

The qualifications of many of these doctors have been called into question many times in the past and investigations have revealed many of them are not qualified to practice medicine. Furthermore, the doctors and nurses sent on these “foreign missions” are victims of modern-day slavery with their passports confiscated and are only paid a miniscule fraction of what the Cuban dictatorship collects from their sponsors. On top of that, the Castro dictatorship uses these missions as an opportunity to send intelligence assets posing as medical professionals into those countries.

The entire operation reeks of human trafficking and corruption, yet has been able to continue functioning and earning billions of dollars for the Castro family dictatorship because almost the entire world has decided to look the other way.

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  1. This will virtually certainly be dismissed or denied, even though everybody knows the score. Same old shit.

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