Cuban veteran of Angola commits suicide after he’s fined 4,000 pesos for selling produce without a license

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Yet another example of socialism in action. Everyone in Cuba is disposable, especially the elderly who live on a fixed income that basically guarantees death by starvation.

This man was living on a pension of 1,528 CUP per month, ($64 US dollars). Castro, Inc. deemed him a criminal for trying to survive. God only knows how he got his hands on fruits and vegetables to sell to others. His produce was probably grown in his backyard or that of a neighbor who would get a share of the profits. (That’s how the REAL Cuba works). The fine imposed on him amounted to nearly three months of income.

Don’t wait for the Marx Sisters and Grandpa Bernie –or El Niuyortain– to comment on this suicide. It reveals too much about socialism. And so does the tiny home-made cart he used to sell his produce. See video above.

Selfish money-grubbing capitalists like this man deserve the firing squad! It’s a good thing he killed himself so the Revolution wouldn’t have to spend any money on ammunition!

Loosely translated from CiberCuba:

The suicide of an 83-year-old man in Las Tunas, a former Angolan combatant, after being fined 4,000 pesos for selling food in a wheelbarrow and not having money to pay the penalty, has dismayed the victim’s family, neighbors and acquaintances .

The man, identified as Ángel Pacheco Soublet, sold fruits and vegetables to help support his wife, who remains bedridden, and his daughter, who takes care of her sick mother.

In recent years, social networks have given visibility to a growing number of elderly Cubans who survive on the island in situations of extreme vulnerability, which in many cases leads them to work that complements their meager pensions.

In Cuba there are around 1,600,000 retirees, and more than half of them receive the minimum pension, that is, around 800,000 pensioners receive 1,528 CUP per month, the minimum established by law for retirement after 30 years. of service, an amount even less than the minimum wage, set at 2,100 CUP by the government since 2021.

With an overwhelming disadvantage in their income, those 800,000 retirees must pay for the same products and services as the rest of the population, in a country where prices increased 77% in 2021, according to the National Office of Statistics and Information of the island ( ONEI).

Whole story HERE in Spanish.

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  1. Yep, you got it–useless baggage that produces nothing for the state and costs it money, albeit very little. Doesn’t matter how useful or even heroic he may have been in Angola. He’d become dead weight, so his welfare was simply a non-issue except in strictly rhetorical (read propaganda) terms. Remember the immortal phrase of the the Bearded Bastard for undesirables: “No los queremos; no los necesitamos.”

    Case closed. Do move along now.

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