Venezuela arrests 17 enslaved Cuban doctors who tried to escape

Venezuela arrests 17 Cuban doctors who attempted to escape slavery and is sending them back to Cuba to face trial and prison. But by all means, let’s invite these two exemplary governments to the Summit of the Americas.

Via Diario de Cuba (my translation):

At least 17 Cuban doctors in Venezuela are under arrest after defecting from the regime’s ‘mission’

At least 17 Cuban doctors who are part of the medical brigades exported by Havana to Venezuela have been arrested and will be sent back to the island. Once they arrive they will face trial for defecting from the “mission” and trying to cross over to Colombia.

The news comes from Miguel Angel Ruano, a Cuban doctor who resides in the neighboring country. Ruano posted image captures of messages he had with some of the doctors and others who are close to them on social media. “They are already being sent back to Cuba as prisoners and are being threatened with the application of Article 369 of the new Cuban Penal Code for defecting from the official mission,” Ruano posted on Facebook.

Ruano, who is a legal advisor and spokesperson for the Free Cuban Medical Guild, a group of health professionals from the island critical of the Cuban regime, warned that those arrested “are facing up to 8-year prison sentences” that will be “applied to ‘make them an example’ to the rest.”

Cuban doctor Emilio Arteaga Perez, who lives in Spain, and other spokespersons from the Medical Guild confirmed the news on their social media accounts. They said the arrests of the Cubans in Venezuela have been taking place since the beginning of May and that is when the doctors were arrested and have been waiting to see what charges they will face.

“Knowing how the Cuban regime functions, we are very concerned about this and we want to alert the national and international public […] that we are seeing the beginnings of a real crime being committed against professionals whose only crime is wanting to find some freedom and bring an end to the intolerable slave conditions they have been living in” he wrote.

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