Cubans continue demanding freedom, nearly 200 protests on the island in May

The world shifted its brief attention away from Cuba months ago, shortly after the uprising in July of 2021. But despite international abandonment, the Cuban people continue to cry out for freedom.

Via CubaNet (my translation):

‘The cries for ‘freedom’ have not ceased’: Just in May there were 185 protests in Cuba

Nine months after the popular uprising on July 11, 2021 (11J), “the cries for ‘freedom’ have not eased in Cuba,” says the latest monthly report from the Cuban Observatory of Conflicts (OCC). The report documented 185 protests on the island during the month of May,

Among the protests in May, which took place in the 15 provinces and on the Isle of Youth, for the first time protests for economic and social rights (108, 58%) were the majority, while 77 protests (42%) focused on political and civil rights.

The OCC attributes the 37% decrease in protests over the previous month, that had 293, to four factors: the new Penal Code coming into force with more severe penalties and the expansion of the use for the death penalty; the reduction in prison sentences for some protesters from 11J, which could’ve brought hope to families and supporters of those awaiting sentencing; the massive exodus from the island that is now similar to Mariel in 1980; and the lifting of some sanctions by the Biden administration, which some hope will restart U.S. tourism.

“But the causes behind the misery and for the protests continue to worsen daily life,” said the OCC report. “Protests against of the shortage of products, inflation, and the collapse of the health system were joined by 28 protests provoked by blackouts, for a total of 105, compared with 79 in April.”

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