Biden admin still hasn’t ruled out inviting Cuba’s Castro dictatorship to the Summit of the Americas

With the Summit of the Americas just days away, the Biden administration is apparently still considering extending an invitation to Cuba’s corrupt and brutally oppressive communist regime.

Frances Martel reports in Breitbart:

Two senior administration officials told reporters on Wednesday that President Joe Biden was still in “final considerations” for the invite list to next week’s Summit of the Americas – meaning the president had yet to decide who to invite for an event beginning on Monday.

The Summit of the Americas, an event bringing together the members of the Organization of American States (OAS), is scheduled to begin in Los Angeles on June 6. The invite list has caused weeks of controversy as the Biden administration initially hinted that it would not invite the region’s dictatorships – Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua – prompting the far-left leaders of Mexico, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, and Argentina to threaten boycotts.


In a call with reporters on Wednesday, White House Latin America adviser Juan González and Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs Brian Nichols reportedly refused to clarify the status of Cuba’s invite. The officials said, according to the Argentine news outlet Infobae, that Biden was still “listening to the opinions of other leaders and partners in the region” and making “final considerations.”

“We still have some final considerations, but we will, I think, inform people publicly soon,” Reuters quoted González saying on the same call.

González emphasized that the opinion of leftist Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who is pressuring Biden to invite the Castro regime, is very important to Biden.

The Biden administration’s inability to make a decision and its apparent weakness before the likes of Mexico’s socialist president plays right into the hands of the Castro dictatorship. If Biden invites Cuba, they will refuse to attend and mock the weakness of the U.S. And if Biden doesn’t invite Cuba but waits until the last moment to say it, the Cuban regime will mock Biden’s indecisiveness and America’s wishy-washy foreign policy.

Biden has fabricated a problem where there should never had been one and created a lose-lose proposition for the U.S., It’s about the only thing he’s proven to be quite adept at doing.

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  1. Right. because this is what ineptitude and disability look like. But don’t blame Biden; blame his enablers–although, when it comes to Cuba, none of them are as repugnantly contemptible as the Cubanoids.

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