Another example of what ‘Latin’ solidarity with Cuba looks like:

The lamentably familiar photo of the murderous simian psychopath known as “Che,” along with an honor guard, is seen in Argentina’s version of the White House, its Casa Rosada. Note that the sign at left reads Gallery of Latin American Patriots, in which the “iconic” photo was placed, even though “Che” had very little to do with his native country and devoted himself to screwing other ones, particularly Cuba, despite being utterly alien to it and its people.

Of course, in spite of its practically proverbial pretensions, Argentina is still fixated on mid-twentieth century demagogue and dictator Juan Perón and his sidekick Evita, the populist saint who was always drenched in haute couture, jewels and furs. It also worships Diego Maradona, an execrable POS whose only merit was being good at kicking a ball around. Thus, it could hardly be expected to disown a major leftist celebrity, albeit a propaganda myth.

Admittedly, this is par for the Latrine, I mean “Latin,” course, but it illustrates why Cubans should abhor and reject the “Latin” label — it is a question of dignity and self-respect. This is easier than ever now, when people must be accepted as whatever they identify as or claim to be, whether it be Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner identifying as a woman or Barack Obama identifying as black despite being precisely 50% white. You get the idea.

2 thoughts on “Another example of what ‘Latin’ solidarity with Cuba looks like:”

  1. “Che,” of course, owed everything to his Cuba connection, even his nickname. Despite his arrogance, he was entirely Fidel Castro’s bitch and useful tool, though he proved even more useful to the bearded bastard after death, when he was transformed into a mythological marvel and leftist wet dream. Even now, his fat daughter dishonors Cuba with her bovine presence, and no doubt consumes an indecent amount of food which ordinary Cubans cannot get unless someone from the “diaspora’ sends them the money to pay for it.

  2. Part of the Latrine problem with Cuba is the absurd presumption that, since they’re leftist, Cuba should also be that way, even though being leftist has not done much for the Latrine world except to fuck it up further.

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