Biden Cuba’s policy helps American tourists, and the Castro dictatorship

Biden’s unilateral concessions won’t help the Cuban people, but they’ll help American tourists enjoy apartheid vacations in communist Cuba and help the brutally oppressive Castro dictatorship. Good work, Joe!

Via the Center for a FREE Cuba:

Biden’s revised Cuba policy creates more options for US travelers. What about Cubans and Venezuelans harmed by more resources given to the military?

The Washington Post headline reads “Biden’s revised Cuba policy creates more options for U.S. travelers”, but left unsaid in the headline is the plight of Cuban travelers.

The prior policy objective did not prevent Cubans returning to Cuba, but required them making connecting flights in the island, or traveling by bus or car into the provinces. It did seek to limit the number of Americans providing hard currency to the Cuban military that runs tourism in Cuba through its conglomerate GAESA, and its sub-entity Gaviota.

Critics of the prior policy claimed that it divided Cuban families, but most remained silent to the Castro regime policies that actually divide families, and deny Cuban nationals their right to return home.

On February 16, 2022, Anamely Ramos González, with her documents in order and plane ticket in hand, was told by a representative of American Airlines she could not board the flight home on instructions from the Cuban government. Anamely Ramos is an artist and nonviolent Cuban dissident who resides in Cuba.

Worse yet, American airline companies are complicit in this practice.

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