Shocking! Cuba’s disastrous 2022 sugar harvest was the worst EVER in its history

Cuban sugar mill in its present condition

From our Bureau of Remarkable Socialist Achievements

We’ve reported on the harvest disaster of 2022 before, which experts suspected was among the worst ever in Cuban history.

Well, now it’s been officially confirmed: it wasn’t just among the worst, it was the worst ever since the introduction of steam engines in sugar mills over 170 years ago

And the numbers alone don’t tell the whole story. Keep in mind that the 19th century figures cited in the article below predate the use of electricity and heavy agricultural machinery. Those harvests were produced by African slaves using nothing but machetes and ox-drawn carts, and mills with comparatively primitive machinery.

Socialism is so wonderful, so progressive.

Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

The Castroist “achievements of the revolution” are incessant and keep getting more and more impressive. In the recently completed harvest, less sugar was produced than was obtained during the Ten Years’ War, which began in 1868.

In this current campaign (2021-2022), 473,000 tons of sugar were produced, and in the convulsive decade of the first independence struggle, the mills of the then colony produced between 720,250 and 553,364 tons of sugar per year, according to historian Julio Le Riverend. in his work Economic History of Cuba.

And after the war, after the Zanjón Pact, the 1879 harvest was 608,364 tons. In this last “revolutionary” harvest, the 502,000 tons produced in 1864 were not even reached

Without a doubt, this has been the biggest sugar disaster that Cuba has ever had. Production plummeted in a single year by half, from 816,000 tons in 2021. The plan was breached by 48%, something that has never happened, to our knowledge, in any other sugar-producing country not affected by strong attacks from the nature, pests, etc.

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  1. The Castro people have always been unable to produce and deliver, but that’s never been their goal. They’re parasites, so their focus has always been on a suitable teat or teats to live off. And no, they’re not ashamed of failing miserably at a quintessentially Cuban enterprise–their chief deity was was only nominally Cuban, the Maximum Cubanoid, and he didn’t give a shit about truly Cuban things.

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