The Castro dictatorship’s social media tourism promotions include sex tourism

Communist dictator Fidel Castro infamously once said Cuba had the world’s best educated prostitutes. It appears that Castro family dictatorship mindset hasn’t changed since Fidel proudly made this claim. Desperate for hard currency, the Castro dictatorship will sell anything to foreign tourists, including the nation’s young women and men.

Via CubaNet:

Is It Urban Tourism, or the Sexual Kind?

The regime of Díaz-Canel and Company will do anything to raise hard currency: sun and beaches tourism, ecological and health tourism, sexual tourism.

Navigating the troubled waters of social network, I came upon a showy photograph of the Mexican influencer Paola Castillo, where the young woman is smiling with the diffused images of Saint Francis of Assisi Square in Old Havana as background. The image would intend to incentivize tourism, to introduce the Historic Center as a tourist destination not to be missed, and to lead people to believe, with such apparent joy reflected on her face, that Cuba is the paradise of sun and beaches so much promoted in every corner of the planet. It leads us to believe that Cuba is the paradise of young, exuberant and sexy people, ready to offer foreign clients an unforgettable experience among colonial buildings, typical Cuban restaurants, and traditional music groups.

It is almost impossible not to notice the influencer’s buttocks, intentionally highlighted against the Lonja del Comercio building, the Café del Oriente and even the tiny pigeon that landed on the ground behind her. There is no other protagonist in this photograph except Paola Castillo’s body. She is what’s important in this image, and along with her, a stereotype: that of the dazzling and desirable Cuban female, so different from the image the Women’s Federation prefers as the representation of Cuban women.

With her photograph, Paola Castillo would seem to be promoting the virtues of sexual tourism in Cuba, where, for a modest amount of money it is possible to get a “good looking” woman or man. For years, interested tourists have come to Cuba looking for the full package: entertainment, good conversation and sex for a few dollars, or for cheap consumer items or a good vacation. Ironically, Cuba owes its fame as a floating harem to Fidel Castro himself. By the time the extreme poverty of the so-called Special Period pushed hundreds of professional Cuban women to exchange sex for money or for items of first need, the maximum leader had already bragged about Cuba having the most educated and healthy prostitutes in the world. From his machista perspective, that was an accomplishment to be proud of, the logical result of having received a “free” education and medical care. Three decades later, in a similar –or worse- setting, his premise is adopted again, this time without the bragging but with determination.

The regime of Díaz-Canel and Company will do anything to raise hard currency: sun and beaches tourism, ecological and health tourism, sexual tourism. The pimps in the Central Committee of the Cuban Communist Party will stop at nothing, especially those in the Castro family circle who are linked to the “escorts” business for VIP clients. Now, with the increasing crisis and young people emigrating, they must hurry to exploit what’s left of the national patrimony, and enable carnal traffic in order to attract those visitors that will not be satisfied simply with promises of white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters.

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