Viral video of young mother blasting the Castro dictatorship inspires Cuban parents to speak out

One young Cuban mother who had the courage to speak out against the communist dictatorship and the misery she is forced to endure has inspired Cuban parents all across the island to do the same.

Via ADN Cuba (my translation):

#WeAreAllAmelia: Cuban mothers and fathers unite to denounce the misery

“I have seen the video of Amelia. I have two children. I’ve spent the entire night crying.” That’s now one Cuban mother named Yesenia breaks her silence when she was moved on Thursday after watching another young mother on social media, Amelia Calzadilla, rail against the government for the hardships families suffer.

“Foreign investment? Well invest in public companies. The people want work, they want to get paid in the U.S. dollars that make the world go round. I don’t want to talk about continuity anymore, or about heart, or any other B.S. The people want to eat, they want to get home and eat a plate of food they worked for because I don’t want anything given to me,” said Calzadilla among other complaints in a video that went viral. Many are using the hashtag #WeAreAllAmelia to express their support for the courageous woman.

“What she’s feeling is what I’m feeling,” Yesenia added in a brief video shared on Facebook by journalist Claudia Padron Cueto.

The independent journalist posted several videos she has received from Cubans, among them parents, in support of the young mother. “We are all citizens of this country and have the same rights and we are left with nothing, we spend all day struggling to put food on the table for our children,” said one man who told the journalist his name was “Harold” and the father of a six-year-old girl.

He denounced that in the schools “there are no meals, there is nothing. I have to take a lunch over to her, everything […] Continuity of what? Misery and hunger? I don’t want that, I want freedom and change,” Harold concluded.

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  1. Bunch of ungrateful savages. They should plenty satisfied with “free” health care (what there is of it) and education (very heavily laced with political indoctrination from Day 1). I mean, the nerve.

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