Castro State Security launches smear campaign against Cuban mother who posted viral video

In retaliation for exposing the corruption and incompetence of the Cuban dictatorship, State Security has launched a campaign to discredit Amelia Calzadilla, the young mother who berated the regime in a viral video. She has already been summoned for questioning by communist government authorities while state-run media and an army of trolls on social media, attempt to destroy the young woman in the eyes of the Cuban public before her public discontent gains more traction.

Via CiberCuba (my translation):

Cuba: State Security attempts to discredit Amelia Calzadilla

After posting a video with strong criticism of the communist government on the internet, State Security is attempting to discredit Cuban mother Amelia Calzadilla by accusing her of owning luxurious items and living a life well above her means.

Guerrero Cubano, a cyber troll in the service of the island’s counterintelligence service, promised to deliver a campaign dedicated “to the supposed suffering mothers who are trying to flood the internet with lies,” among them Calzadilla.

According to the troll, Calzadilla and other mothers who joined her in the internet protest are part of “the Miami terrorist wing” and claims to have proof of that.

He also shared a photo collage where he points to the alleged luxuries Calzadilla and her family enjoy, such as ceiling lamps, plasma TVs, dinners at the Tropicana cabaret, and acrylic nails.

“What type of mother is this drinking and eating at the Tropicana and then goes on social media to say her children have nothing to eat at home, without shoes and without clothes?” wrote a fake Facebook profile that shared photos of Calzadilla with other individuals.

Attacks on Twitter from another anonymous account followed the same line. A user by the name Barricade Cuba attempted to tarnish Calzadilla’s image by claiming she lives a luxurious lifestyle, In just a few hours, Calzadilla became a representative for the many other mothers on the island who suffer from the lack of basic items and shortages of medicine and hygiene products.

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