Another Cuban exile is suing Netflix over defamatory depiction in ‘Wasp Network’ movie

Joining Ana Margarita Martinez who filed her lawsuit in 2020, Cuban exile and Brothers to the Rescue founder Jose Basulto is suing Netflix for his defamatory portrayal in the film “Wasp Network.”

Via The Hollywood Reporter:

Brothers to the Rescue leader Jose Basulto, who is portrayed in the film, claims director Olivier Assayas distorted key facts about his organization at the direction of the Cuban government. The lawsuit is the second from a Cuban exile upset with the feature.

A defamation suit against Netflix from the head of a Cuban exile organization accuses the streamer of distributing propaganda for Cuba by portraying him as a terrorist and drug trafficker in Olivier Assayas’ political spy thriller Wasp Network. In a lawsuit filed on Monday in federal court in Florida, Brothers to the Rescue leader Jose Basulto alleges Netflix and Ossayas falsely depicted him as a puppet of the United States and traitor to Cuba while romanticizing the criminal activity conducted by Fidel Castro’s regime.

“This portrayal of Mr. Basulto, Brothers to the Rescue and the Cuban exile community was deliberately calculated to create two clear and unmistakable villains for the Film,” read the complaint.

Members of Miami’s Cuban exile community who were actually involved in this real-life spy drama say the film not only took liberties with the truth, but went out of its way to portray the Cuban exile community in Miami as terrorists and drug dealers. Yet the Cuban spies who were convicted for the murders of innocent Americans were depicted as peace-loving noble characters only trying to save lives.

It is important to note the film (and book) is based on the perverted version of the events that took place according to the communist Castro dictatorship. The regime in Havana provided guidance and was delighted with the final product, which depicted the murderous spies as heroes and Cuban exiles as terrorists.

2 thoughts on “Another Cuban exile is suing Netflix over defamatory depiction in ‘Wasp Network’ movie”

  1. The movie was based on a book written by a leftist Brazilian who was a friend of Fidel Castro and had the full cooperation of the Castro regime in writing said book–of which he presented a copy in person to Fidel Castro in Havana. That is really all one needs to know regarding credibility, or rather, complete lack thereof.

    If the same sort of scenario involved a book and a movie about the Pinochet era in Chile, both would have been torn to shreds by all of the usual suspects, and it’s quite doubtful a movie would have been made in the first place, since it was guaranteed to get viciously attacked as fraudulent. But, hypocrisy reigns.

  2. Everyone who chose to be involved in this completely tainted movie, regardless of motive, is in effect a collaborator with evil. Of course., there are MANY such people–Castro, Inc. could not survive otherwise.

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