Nearly half of Cuba’s National Karate Team defects in Guatemala

Despite living in what the American left considers a socialist paradise, four of the 9 members of Cuba’s National Karate Team training in Guatemala escaped their communist regime escorts and defected. One can say these athletes went from Guatepeor to Guatemala.

Via Martí Noticias (my translation):

Almost half the Cuban karate teams defects in Guatemala

Four out of nine Cuban karate fighters decided to defect from the team that arrived in the City of Guatemala from the island to prepare for the 2022 Bolivarian Sports Competition that will begin on June 24. The competition will take place in the Colombian cities of Bogota, Chimichagua, Cundinamarca, Cali, and Valledepur, the headquarters of the games.

The Cubans who decided to defect in Guatemala and will most likely attempt to cross the border into the U.S. are Yaidel Hernández and Darian Díaz from Cienfuegos, Sunilda Ventosa from Havana, and Gerardo Almenares from Santiago.

Several news outlets are reporting on the defection, among them Play Off Magazine and Swing Completo.

The nine-member Cuban national karate team, along with their trainer Eliecer Lllamos, traveled from Havana to the City of Guatemala on June 8 for a training camp. The objective was to prepare for competition through June 20 and from there travel to Bogota to compete in the Bolivarian games.

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